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The self-service ice industry is one of the fastest growing business opportunities available today.

Making Money Has Never Been Easier

The “Just Ice” concept is a concerted effort to make our product user-friendly for our customers. It is the sincere desire of Max Manufacturing and the distributor organization to provide you with product and services that will remove the emotional strain of owning and operating your ice business.

Only 3 Moving Parts

That’s all our patented Just Ice machine needs to churn out 700+ bags of ice in 24 hours.


Easy to follow instructions on an LCD panel makes it easy for customers to order multiple bags or a combination of ice and water.

Top Industry Warranty

On the ice maker, motor, and compressor.

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Patent: 7,624,77

16+ lb Bags vs. 7 lb Bags

Just Ice machines manufacture, store, bag and dispense purified ice & water in bigger bags for less money.

On-site construction

Units can be delivered completely constructed or built at the location to accommodate problem zoning areas.

No Employees Required

What could be simpler than that?

Just Ice Free – Standing Ice Vending Machines are in 48 States!

Join the fastest growing business opportunity available today.

The Standard Features

Vogt VT 100 Tube Ice Maker
10,000# Ice Production per day
Water Purification System
Ultra Violet Disinfecting System
Sediment Filter (5 micron and greater)
Chlorine Filtration
Twin Tank Water Softener
Unitronics PLC with display shows PLC functions
Sales Counter (PLC counts vends)
Weight Cells and Controller
Language Option Standard
Possible 750 Vends in 24 Hours
Stainless Door Hardware
Stober Gear Box
Capable of setting weight of ice in storage bin
Also activates ice maker
Automatic Switch with Pulse Vend
Lock-out switch for operator safety
Stops machine operation while machine is serviced
NEMA 4 Approved Enclosure
304 Stainless Steel
200 Amp Service Panel
No air compressor
Mei 7000, Mei 2500 Changer, Coinco Bill Validator
Optional language on display ​
12 inputs are possible if needed
Wind, snow, and seismic loads met
Building 28 R-Value, Roof 40 R-Value
Possible $1, $2, $5, $10 or $20 bills
acceptedMulti-Vend Compatible w/MDB Technology
Capable of vending up to 3 different price options
5x7 Color Display with Credit Display
Displays credit as money is received and used
Displays messages for customer GFI Receptacles
Building is constructed for your project.
Tubing 4” Frame
Monitor System with “Off Site Commander”
All operations of machine monitored
Ice maker faults are monitored
12 faults are texted
Machine can be accessed by your cell phone

Additional Features

Computer Monitoring System w/ 4 cameras
Credit Card Option
Vending Unit
Box of Twist Ties
Additional Twist Tie Holder
Ice Maker Automated Reset
Water Vending System (Filtered Water)
Refrigeration Door Curtains
R/O System for ice maker only (2,200 gal per day)
Bag Loader

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