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It’s Just So Simple.

The “Just Ice” concept is a concerted effort to make our product user friendly for our customers. It is the sincere desire of Max Manufacturing and our distributor organization to provide you with  outstanding products and services that will make owning and operating your Ice business simple and easy.

  • Only 3 Moving Parts. That’s all our patent pending Just Ice machine needs to churn out 700+ bags of ice in 24 hours.
  • 16+ lb. Bags vs. 7 lb Bags. Just Ice machines manufacture, store, bag and dispense purified ice (and water) in bigger bags for less money. A great value, pure and simple.
  • Multi-Vending. Easy-to-follow instructions on an LCD panel makes it easy for customers to order multiple bags or a combination of ice and water all at once with cash or credit card.
  • On-Site Construction. Units can be delivered completely constructed or built at the location to accommodate problem zoning areas.
  • Top Industry Warranty. On the icemaker, motor and compressor.
  • No Employees Required. What could be simpler than that?

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