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Just Ice. It’s Just So Advanced

Just Ice Standard Features

Read through the standard features of our “Just Ice” vending machines to see how simple, easy your ice vending machine business can be. State-of-the-art technology that allows you to run your remote business opportunity from your cell phone, It’s so advanced and simple! Call us today.

Vogt VT 100 Tube Ice Maker

  • 10,000# Ice Production per day

Water Purification System

  • Ultra Violet Disinfecting System
  • Sediment Filter (5 micron and greater)
  • Chlorine Filtration
  • Twin Tank Water Softener

Stober Gear Box With 3hp 3 Phase Motor with Hitachi Freq Drive

  • 3 Year Warranty on gearbox

Unitronics PLC with display

  • Displays shows PLC functions

Weight cells and controller

  • Capable of setting weight of ice in storage bend. Also activates ice maker.

Automatic switch with pulse vend

Lock out switch for operator safety.

  • Stops machine from operating while machine is serviced.

Nema 4 approved Enclosure

304 Stainless Steel

200 Amp Service Panel

24 Volt Actuators for Bagger

  • 2 actuators work bagger. No Air Compressor

Mei 7000 and Mei 2500 Changer and Bill Validator

  • Possible 1, 2,5,10 or 20 bills accepted.

Multi-Vend Compatible w/MDB Technology

  • Capable of vending up to 3 different price options

GFI Receptacles

5×7 Color Display with credit display

  • Displays credit as money is received and used.
  • Displays messages for customer.

Stainless Door Hardware

  • All hardware is solid stainless steel.

Building 40 R Value Roof 25 R Valve Walls Certified for 170 mph wind loads

  • Building is constructed for this project. Wind, snow and seismic loads meet.

I-Beam frame

Monitor System with Off Site Commander (cell phone)

  • All operations of machine monitored
  • Ice Maker faults are monitored
  • 12 faults are texted
  • 12 inputs are possible if needed
  • Machine can be accessed by your cell phone to reset, vend and other functions.

Sales Counter (PLC counts vends)

Possible 750 Vends in 24 Hours

Language Option Standard (Customer Request 2nd Language)

  • Press button to access optional language on display.

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